10 best web designs in 2021: increases engagement like crazy

The web design industry is continuously changing, each year we go through different web designs some years it’s aesthetic some years it’s some glossy and arched designs.

So, The Question appears — What’s in there for 2021??? And, Your roller-coaster ride comes to an end here!! Dive into the pool of cool web designing trends this year which will leave you mesmerized.

Each year trends in web design change. So, with 2021- this year designers have opted for real and minimalistic web designs. Keeping it subtle, organic, and natural. Pastel Colors palettes, detailing with animation.

They are blending the digital and the ordinary like never before, taking it to the next level.

Let’s look closely into it- Are you ready?

1.Parallax Animation:-

So, what is parallax animation?

Parallax movement is when things move at different speeds relative to each other. It’s a popular effect used to create an illusion of depth. If we’re moving, we see objects close to us move faster than objects further away.

The scrolling feature is used to identify distances; Background images move by the camera at a slower rate than foreground ones.

I’m sure you’ve watched thousands of websites but you’ll experience the best UI/UX on the websites containing parallax animation. While scrolling through the website of pictures will feel like moving hence creating a 3D effect.

The best and advanced css used together will keep eyes locked. This will be used massively in 2021 to increase engagement with users.

So, what are the benefits of using this trend in 2021?

  • It attracts viewers with its animation.
  • Keeps eyes bound to the website and increase engagement.
  • Increases credibility of the website.
  • Direct action and click on CTA’s.

Therefore, we feel that this emerging trend will immensely be used in 2021!

What are you for? Get your hands on it ASAP!!

2. Neumoprhism:-

Source : Dribbble

Neumorphism is a mind-blasting trend in its own. Neuomorphism is made up of two words “new” and “Skeumorphism”. Neumorphism is a successor of skeumorphism but takes you to an entirely different world of UI/UX.

There is a new focus on the entire design style with neumorphism. This spotlight isn’t really on the difference or similitude between the genuine and computerized universes, but instead the shading range.

The beauty of it is- that it creates a 3D effect by just playing with colors. A subtle design that is held into the user’s eyes just by using color palettes. Hence, giving users a unique experience.

Have a look at the design: look at the UI/UX it provides!

3. Abstract art Composition:-

Source: Dribbble

Abstract art is an art that expresses paintings unrealistically or poetically! It feels like a fantasy world in there. Some peachy color palette with off whites are you imagining?? If yes then, it is the absolute colors of abstract design.

Abstract art composition is an emerging trend as the social media market has grown positively in aesthetic and abstract art.

People like to see the abstract composition and hence are using it in website designing. Artistically expressing websites or content is a commendable job, everybody can’t do that. So, whenever a user sees it adores it.

Stats say that Abstract Composition websites have got 68% engagement. It is high and seems like users are loving it!

The images are perfect examples of abstract art compositions used as web design trends.

4. Progressive Web Apps:-

So, What are the progressive web apps?

Dribble: Wingspan Responsive screens

In simple words, it is a website that works similar to an app when added as a shortcut to the home screen of our smartphones. It works like a fully functional app without feeling an urge to install them.

Sends notifications, data back to the server, etc. but there isn’t a need to install it? Doesn’t that sound cool? It is having a lot of pros but with pros cons are inevitable. Web design and development is really growing in PWAs so be ready to use this soon!

Pros and cons of PWA:-


  • No need to install them
  • Saves memory and time
  • No need to update the app regularly web apps will do that for you
  • Works smoothly


  • Doesn’t synchronize with other apps.
  • Don’t work if the environment isn’t Html5 supportive.
  • Browsers like internet explorer and safari still don’t support PWA’s.

But limitations don’t matter as it is highly recommended by creators & designers.

So, use this technique to grow your business and to allow more traffic to your website. What are you waiting for? This technology trend in 2021 will help you grow.

5.Web designs with causes:-

source: ketto website

2020 was a year full of difficulties. People all over the world suffering from covid-19 and experiencing financial degradation.

Daily workers, people with shops and small businesses, etc suffered a lot. Some were not able to get daily food. People suffering in hospitals and many more never-ending examples.

If you put some promising pictures and data, regular activities, programs arranged anything and everything is acceptable dear designers except fakeness.

Everybody noticed that websites with a cause that is websites that help other people and are there on the web for a social cause were getting massive responses.

Some examples are:-

Robinhood army






6. Horizontal scrolling:-

Example of horizontal scrolling, source: google

Horizontal scrolling was a big no-no a few years back, but now in 2021 people are using it. How?

Probably you have missed it!

Let’s move on to your favorite apps such as Instagram, Youtube, TOI(Times Of India), Facebook, etc.

All these apps are using horizontal scrolling, not to a big extent but in a minimal way. Such as Scrolling Insta stories horizontally, Youtube short videos, News articles on TOI, and also Facebook posts.

So, definitely, technology is accepting Horizontal scrolling and is big adaptability also websites showing brochures and catalogs or magazine reading needs horizontal scrolling to perform well and increase user engagement.

7.Micro Animations:-

Arrow animationsArrow animations designed by Aaron Iker. Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative…dribbble.com

What is micro animation?

The word itself explains what’s a micro-animation. It is a picture which in motion and says a lot instead of using a word. You can see Google doodle it is a kind of micro animation.

There are 1.7 billion websites online –and the new websites are getting published at each passing second. That’s a hell — lot of competition. So you need your website to be the best it can be, and in 2021 that means micro-interactions!

Micro-interactions are the way to communicate visually.

Statistics say that users prefer 72% animation over simple text. So, here is what I wanted to convey- micro animation is the best to increase engagement in 2021.

8.Videos on Homepages:-

Videos on the website homepage are a new way to interact with your users. By doing this, users will feel a unique connection with content creators/websites and in turn, brings more traffic to your website.

Believe it or not, this is the best way to increase engagement with minimal effort.

According to research, users are consuming more video content. Researches found that users like to spend 88% more time on a website that has videos.

Also, shares of videos are observed more frequently than images and texts.

9.3D Colors:-

An example displaying 3D colors used. Dribble: Peter Tarka

Haven’t heard about 3D colors yet?

3D colors and gradients have grown in the past years but this year it feels like it will create a buzz in the web design industry. As soon as Apple Big Sur OS launched people are finding ways to create an interface like it!

And, it can only be done by using the 3D color concept. Colors are used in such a way that apps on your home screen feel lively and Three dimensional.

Designers have lifted the 3D game! First, there were very neat, clean, and flat designs but now it is dusky, unfinished, blended which gives a lifelike feel.

10. Minimalism:-

Dribble: Roman Salo

Minimalism is the key here. The more you keep it minimalistic the more users will like your interface. The above Picture shows minimalism at its best. They will feel a personal connection which is a positive response! According to statistics, the website which has minimalism had a great engagement. So, keeping it low is getting high traffic.

All the trends discussed above were mainly focusing on minimalism and its basic but unique factors.

Remember Less is More always!

So, be creative, be minimalistic, be great.

These were the trends that will be the biggest hit in the field of web designing and development!Cheers.