5G: 5G and its impact on humans.

What is 5G?

5G is a 5th generation mobile network. Nothing new in that right? You must have come across this term on and off these days. After 1G,2G,3G,4G, its 5Gs turn. It will be faster than 4G, its obvious though, providing speed in Gbps. 

Technology will advance in such a way that everything you see around you will be connected. From your lamps, fans, to traffic signal and your vehicles.

How 5G will affect us?

The technology which 5G introduces is called as IoT (Internet of Things). India is slowly adopting 5G, many companies like airtel and jio have already announced there 5G sim cards.

Now, various companies are investing in smartphones having 5th generation technology. Companies like Apple, Oneplus, Samsung, and many more leading companies have already released their products.  

But have anyone thought that what is the need for 5G? isn’t 4G network enough for us and our living? Except for the IoT environment is there any specific reason to adopt it, common people, ready for 5G network?  

Image presenting IoT

Health and medications sector will use it for vaccine distribution and many more things for accurate information and better connectivity. Drones will be used for survival operations and also deliver medicines. This technology will be faster and accurate with 5G and IoT.

lt give you real time information about your health so that you can contact to doctor as fast as you can.

It will reach every corner of the world creating more awareness of startups and business in rural areas. We are definitely going to see a rise in GDP.

3D Ads and graphics will be at peak. Basically, Future is technology that’s it. 

What Cost humans will pay?

5G will provide so many services aren’t you happy? But the services aren’t for free. After getting involved in virtual and augmented reality people (especially kids) might think that augmented reality is the real world. It can influence an individual’s hearing, vision, and even feeling of touch.

Augmenetd reality example

Increasing tech will definitely dig paths to AR and VR but we must limit it and accept that its virtual.  Especially kids might suffer from problems like depression. Maintain the authenticity you have

Likewise, by tolerating 5G, we will run over expanding computerized reasoning. Face recognition will increase and we need to think twice about cybersecurity. Self-driving cars are what we are definitely going to experience. Maybe, in the future, your kids don’t need a license for driving a car.

Home deliveries will be done by drones, self-driving cars, which means no more jobs for humans. It will have its own benefits and losses.

You may have seen that cell phones have made you a lot lazier. You and your sibling live under one roof but you make a phone call to him/her. See, is that needed? So, 5G will make you even lazier. These habits won’t affect you directly but make a change in your personality.

Definitely 5G and IoT are going to change a lot of things around us. It’s 2021 and we’ve already welcomed it. Now let’s see this baby 5G grow. Cheers!!!